Friday, February 22, 2013

Imagine Darcy Styles (:

"Darcy, baby, wake up." You nudge your 3 year old daughter, trying to wake her up. She squirms wildly. "Darcy, c'mon honey. We're limited on time." You say again.

Darcy suddenly sits up right, "MOMMY." Her brows drawing together. You scoop her in your arms and get her ready

You're in the car with your husband Harry, and Darcy is in the back seat sleeping. You guys are going to the airport to leave for a trip to Paris.

"Oooooohhh, mommy, are we gonna fly?" Darcy asks with wide eyes and excitement. "Yes, darling." You answer.

*two hours later*
"Are we there yet?!" Darcy pouches up and down in her seat. "No, not yet, Darcy." Harry answers, getting annoyed with Darcy. "But daddy, I want to know how it's like to be in Paris." "Darling, please sit still in your seat. We'll be there in no time." Darling quickly falls asleep. "Thanks babe, she was getting a little annoying and jumpy." You thank Harry, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. He replies with a smile.

The plane arrives in Paris and you guys have a blast.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Imagine: My Hero, Harry

Setting: high school /lunch

I stepped out of the classroom, feeling uneasy and afraid. I knew those seniors would be after me. I KNEW so. Just for some silly thing; it was yesterday afternoon, after the final bell. I was walking home with Alyssa when a group of senior boys walked by and Alyssa yelled, "Hey, pull up your pants! Half your boxers are showing, you idiot!" They threatened to break our faces if we didn't shut our mouths. OUCH. How could I fight back? I'm a sophomore, five foot three, average size, can sprint 200 yards in 28 seconds, I mean, how can I fight seniors?! Way to go Alyssa, they know who I AM. 

The musky scent of the humid air filled my nose. It poured down rain earlier that morning. The wind blew, sending chills down my spine. I meandered outside hallways, avoiding the puddles of ice cold rain water.

"Aye, you. Collins." A deep voice boomed behind me. I froze, and felt my phone in my pocket vibrate. Not daring to turn back to see who it was, I swiped out my phone and read a text from an unknown number, Watch your back, shortie. You're about to your little face broken. My heart raced, I looked back and of course, it was the senior that dumb Alyssa yelled at to pull his pants up. DARN IT!

I took a run for it, almost tripping over my own feet. I ran and quickly dashed the corner. "Great, down another hallway. I hate this school!" I muttered below my breath. Mason was a pretty quick runner and a strong kid, I couldn't let him get ahold of me. If he did, my head would be ripped off.

"You're not going ANYWHERE." Mason's strong hand grabbed my shoulder. "WHAT!" I screamed into his face. "Madison, you know what you did. You and your little smart friend, disrespected me! I'm 18, Madison. 16 yr olds shouldn't be telling 18 year olds what to do!" Mason's voice rose incredibly loud. I clenched my teeth, "I'm 15, thank you very much. Look Mason, it's either I apologize about what Alyssa said to you, or you keep a grudge against me. Two ways we can solve this, Mason. Two ways." My breath fogged in the air, leaving a white trail. "No Madison, I'm going to fight you. And you're gonna be sorry." Mason's face grew stern. "What are you gonna do, slam my face against the sidewalk?!"  I screamed, not even thinking about attracting attention. "Madison Collins, you're heck of a lot shorter than me, and a lot weaker." His big hand grasped my shoulders even tighter and pulled up a fist to hit me.

I darted, not wanting to take a hit in the face. Knowing it'd hurt.

"Sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry! I was just running back to class. Sorry, I really mean it." I slammed and knocked over a boy with a flawless face and with the cutest hair and eyes. His eyes twinkled, even though it was cloudy and gray outside. "It's fine, don't wor--" "Well, well, well. Look who it is. It's Styles." Mason said in a mocking tone of my voice. "Madison, meet Harry. Now I can crush both your heads!" I figured the so called 'Harry' must've been a senior, since Mason seemed to know Harry pretty well.

"Excuse you, Mason?" Harry shot back in a low, husky voice. "You heard me, you British twerp!" "Mason, I want you to know I hate your dang guts! You big fat bully!" I screeched, wanting to kick him hard in the shins. "No, Mason. No one is fighting ANYONE." Harry calmly said. "You wanna bet, Styles?"

With that, I took a hard hit in the head from Mason, nearly knocking the wind out of me. I stumbled a few feet, before crashing to the cold, hard concrete. I heard a few punches and some swearing, until it went black.

"Madison, babe, are you okay?" A finger gently poked my cheek. "Ouch...Alyssa...don't poke me, you fool." I mumbled. "Are you okay?" the voice said again. I sat up right instantly, thinking the voice was Alyssa. Instead, there was a swarm of kids around us, and I Harry bent down holding my head. "Woah. Where's Mason??!!" I questioned in a worried tone. "No, baby, everything's fine. Mason got taken care of. Don't worry. I have your back." And with that, Harry helped me up from the concrete and held my hand, walking me back to class.


Sorry guys, that was HORRIBLE! I'm such a bad writer! :P

Monday, February 18, 2013

Caught flirting...

Imagine: A walk on the beach

"Sean, I hate you!!!" you scream at the top of your lungs, kicking sand toward your boyfriend. "Yeah, well I hate you too!" Sean yells back, turning on his heal and walking away. A lump grows in your throat and a tear falls down your cheek. "Why would you do this to me? I loved and trusted you!" You ask, crying even harder. "Cause she's a million times prettier than you, Y/N. besides, you're so useless. I don't want anyone that's so useless as you are. Get it over it! It's life!" Sean yells over his shoulder, walking away. You fall to the ground, grabbing the sand between your hands. How could you ever get over Sean? He's the most wonderful person earth. He treated you like you were his princess and now he breaks your heart saying you're useless? That's not fair!

"Are you okay?" You feel a hand on your shoulder. "SEAN. I want you to go--" you look up with bloodshot eyes, thinking its Sean. Instead, you find a boy with the most truthful green eyes, cutest hair, and the most flawless face. The boy gives you a puzzled and hurt look. "I-I- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I really mean it. See, I thought you were Sean. He--" you explain, but you get cut off. "No, no it's fine. I understand.." The boy pulls you to your feet and wipes the tears off of your face. You stand there feeling like a cry baby, but let suddenly loved. "I'm Harry." The boy says. "Hi, Harry. I'm Y/N." you smile so big and yet you feel stupid. "You're beautiful... And I want you to know that. Whatever Sean said wasn't true, and I swear on my life you're not useless." harry says with a big smile. You blush. "But.. I'm a MESS right now." You say. "It's doesnt matter... I think I'm in love with you. No matter how you look, you'll always be beautiful to me." Harry whispers in your war. He gives you a quick kiss on the lips and takes your hand. He guides you to the water's edge.

That's the start of you and Harry. :)

Sorry.. I'm not a good writer. XD